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Links to English Language Resources

   On this page you can find links to information related to this incident provided by other English language websites. See our Japanese links page for links to Japanese language resources. Much more information is available in Japanese than in English, but coverage in the Japanese national media has been scant at best. Most Japanese links are to Okinawan sources.

   Crash and Occupation Coverage in the Media

Note: Okinawa is the only prefecture in Japan that boasts two high quality local newspapers which outsell the national dailies. The award-winning journalists at the Okinawa Times and the Ryukyu Shimpo have done an admirable job of coverage of both this incident in particular, and of military base issues in general in their Japanese language editions. Displaying great foresight, both papers have long running weekly English pages with an avid readership. Unfortunately, these papers have done an abominable job on their English pages, at a time when they are needed most. English language coverage of issues such as these is critically important for Okinawa. Both papers are currently failing Okinawa miserably.

Okinawa Times
The Okinawa Times offers high quality comprehensive coverage of this incident and other military base issues in their Japanese edition. However, the Times weekly English page has been dormant for more than six months now. The Okinawa Times gets an gFh for no coverage at all in English. Times editors, the time has come to revive your English page!

Ryukyu Shimpo
Despite being front page news for weeks after the crash in their Japanese edition, the Shimpo weekly English pages have carried a total of only one paragraph of coverage. This is both irresponsible and incomprehensible for a paper that takes pride in its award winning journalism. The Shimpo gets a gD-h for pathetically inadequate coverage in English.

   Helicopter Safety

Secretary Colin Powell's Interview with Toshiyuku Matsuyama of Fuji TV
US Secretary of State Colin Powellfs response to the crash in a Fuji Television interview on August 13. (13 August 2004)
Helicopter Crash in Anbar Province Claims Two Marines
American Forces Press Service report on CH-53 accident in Iraq on August 11, just two days before the same type of helicopter crashed into Okinawa International University. (12 August 2004).
Helicopter Crash in Anbar Province Claims Two Marines
Liberty Post's posting of the AFPS report on CH-53 accident in Iraq on August 11, just two days before the same type of helicopter crashed into Okinawa International University. (12 August 2004).
Why do US military helicopters crash so often?
US veteransf site details 14 fatal helicopter crashes not involving enemy fire from October 2001 to April 2003. Of the 67 helicopter fatalities - not including those inflicted by US helicopter fire - only seven were the result of enemy fire. (currently offline)
Troops die in air 'accident'
BBC report of the CH-46 gair accidenth in 2003. Eight British and Four American troops killed. (21 March 2003)
Nine Die in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
US Coast Guard report on 2002 CH-53 helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Seven German peace keepers killed. (22 December 2002)
Pentagon may extend flight ban on 'heavy-lift' helicopters
CNN report on the grounding of four type of helicopter including the CH-53 due to gfears that the aircraft have a serious mechanical defect. (28 August 2000)
Two die in Afghan helicopter crash
CNN report into 2002 CH-53 crash in Afghanistan. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld remarks git was very likely  c a mechanical failure.h (21 January 2002)
Helicopter crash kills 3 Marines
CNN report of 2001 CH-46 helicopter crash in North Carolina, killing three marines and injuring two others. (10 July 2001)
Missing Marines presumed dead after Pacific helicopter crash
CNN report after 1999 CH-46 crash. Seven US marines missing presumed dead. (1999 December 11)


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