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Preserve the Wall

Koichi Makishi's Proposal for
Preservation of the Administration Building Wall

   Koichi Makishi, a prominent architect in Okinawa, submitted the following proposal for preservation of the damaged wall of the Administration Building as part of a new building to replace the structurally damaged building.

Step One:

Lay a foundation and erect scaffolding to support the wall while the building is under construction.



Step Two:

Detatch the wall from the building, and tear down the rest of the building.



Step Three:

Construct a new (5 story?) administration building on the site of the old one.



Step Four:

Anchor the wall to the new building with steel cross bracing, then remove the external scaffolding.

Estimated cost: ¥8,000,000

   Supporters of the wall preservation project want the wall to stay up until all flights from Futenma air base are permanently grounded, and the base is closed. This proposal would enable the wall to be easily removed after the base is closed.


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